Welcome to “la Sosta” Restaurant


Restaurant “La Sosta” among the pleasures of the palate and the beautiful


The culinary art, a balance between tradition and new trends, make the restaurant LaSosta a place able to satisfy every palate with dishes proposed in the “right” way andcombined with wines expertly researched. At “La Sosta” you have a wonderful opportunityto discover Italian cuisine, prepared using the choicest raw materials, cooked by chefs ofgreat experience.

The experience and quality of service they give the right tone for every occasion. The love for their work and respect forthe clientele are the force that stimulates continuous improvement Comi in the family. The only things that don’t changeto Stop are the beauty of the scenery and the quiet flow of the River Adda.




The Rest is history: already existed in the 12th century as a tavern for wayfarers, with stables for horses and parking forcoaches.

We are proud to be part of this long history and we want to thank all those who by their presence give us the opportunityto continue on this road.



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